Monday, December 27, 2010

If You Should Like To Know...

I've been quiet here. I really planned to have something to tell you by now.  There is lots to tell but nothing in the way of a final decision.  Nothing huge either, just lots of little stuff.

We don't even have anything to problem solve or sort through.  Mainly because there is too much to think about. Seems more of a waste of time to think about ALL of the scenarios when we don't have any offers.  I guess one day when we get bored that would be something to do. So far, I am not bored enough.

At this moment there are many irons in the fire. Each one in a different phase. A job in Brentwood, TN should be the first to make an offer.  Carter has been through the whole process and there were quite a few remarks made that more than hinted that an offer would be made. Too bad it was around these holidays or the process could have moved faster. Speaking of that....

A little encouragement to others that finds themselves job seeking at this time of year - The last 3 job offers Carter has received have come at this time of year. Two in 2007 and one last year at this time.  This is NOT a "bad time" of year to be looking for work.  Companies are still recruiting so keep plugging. Other job seekers may be taking a break on submitting their resumes because they are busy now or they subscribe to the thinking that it is a "bad time".  You could be getting a head start.

The position that is the next furthest along is in Lynchburg, VA. I attended college there for 2 semesters and when I left, I REALLY, REALLY made some remarks that would lead you to believe that I would never move there.  This is where God decided to show his humor.  He knows I will go where He leads.  It could be worse.  Carter has had 4 phone interviews and they have been tough. This company is notorious for taking their sweet time in selecting candidates. That is very noble - but we don't have time.  We may have no choice.  This is where God comes in - He can move mountains if he wants to.

Two more potential jobs are in the beginning stages. One phone call we just received today.  An outside recruiter for a company in Roanoke, VA saw his resume and wants to submit it for consideration.  The second job is with Macy's in Portland, TN (North of Nashville).  To those of you that remember when we moved to Atlanta in 2008, we were initially moving to Portland, TN to work for Macy's.  At the time Macy's relocation and medical benefits paled in comparison to Newell Rubbermaid (Atlanta) so we turned down the offer and moved to Georgia.  Last week there was a front page article (featuring my neighbor Nic) announcing that Macy's will be building an enormous distribution center in Martinsburg, WV to be finished in 2012.  In the conversation that Carter had with the Macy's HR contact, she asked if he would be willing to move to TN temporarily and then work in the Martinsburg facility when it was completed.  That would be interesting.  That is the only scenario that mind my keeps trying to work out. I get as far as saying "how would we do that?"  Then I realize that is too much to think about unless it is necessary. I would also need A LOT more information to even begin to think of just 3 possibilities.

I am a planner, not necessarily by nature but by nurture. It feels better to plan and be in control. If you weigh everything and think it through enough then you can make a good decision. Or at least one that looks like a good decision.

And that is where we are. Agonizing more each day when we don't have an offer. Moderately distracted by the new possibilities that keep rolling in.  I have to keep up the hope that if we have this many "bites" we will catch a fish eventually.  This river is not stocked so I cannot even begin to guess what fish we will catch.

Usually I bring it all back to the title of my post at the end. The only way to explain this one is to tell the story I only remember half of.  There was someone (a neighbor, family member or friend) my parents knew and one time they said "If you should like to know... I am sick". Apparently no one was asking but it was important to that person that everyone know. LOL

***Totally forgot to update about the interview Carter had in Ohio with Eddie Bauer. They put a freeze on hiring for that position. They could lift it but we are not holding our breath.


  1. My vote is lynchburg if that counts for anything. We can laugh at some of the southern culture together. ;) praying for you. Thanks for writing.

  2. I wish you lots of luck. This is our 3rd Christmas without my husband having a job. His unemployment ran out in August or July, I can't remember. We are putting our home up for sale as we just can;t afford it anymore...where will we go? who knows. He interviews well, companies take forever, one job interviewed him like 10 times. He always seems to get the psycho guy took out his resume and review and talked all about how wonderful he was, then he bad mouthed his co-workers..just plain weird. I have so many stories. Nothing ever seems to work out, mostly they all say he's over qualified, then they say he's been out of work too long how could he remember anything, So then he dumbs down his resume..but when he does that they say it's a shame we have some higher level jobs. I told him to stop the dumbing down thing. If I didn;t laugh I'd cry. My life for the last 4 years has included every stressor know to mankind, moving, Job loss, death of close family member (my brother), Barry have a heart attack and getting a stent...and more I can't even talk about. If I didnlt laugh I'd really I would cry a lot. Even though we never officially met I know we are a lot alike. praying for you because praying for myself isn't working.

  3. Erin - I definitely keep reminding myself that I have friends there so it would not be bad! Over the years I have softened on my position anyway.

    Abbe - I don't know what to say. You all have always been there for us when we are looking for jobs or looking for laughs. I am really hoping that we both have luck very soon. It all seems to pile on at one time. Oh and the place that interviewed him 10 times - I know what you are talking about. That company seems to be feast or famine. Carter has submitted his resume to them several times and I can't imagine that there are that many people in this area that know that software! They have never called.

  4. Thanks,the way I cope is when I start to think about it, I think about something else quick..usually kittens or some stupid joke I made up..ha ha.