Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Breaking the news.

If you read my last blog you know I discovered while typing that it may be a good idea to explain what is going on to the girls. 
So when Natalie got home from Pre-K yesterday Carter sat her on his leg and started talking.  He explained that he lost his job and that is why he is not going to work. He told her not to worry about anything but that is why he was here a lot right now. Preparing her for the fact that eventually he will go back to work and not be here like this was also a part of it. Then Natalie looked at him and said. . .

"I want to tell you something... Team Umizoomi is in my room. They are tiny super heroes."
To which I responded "Well can they help Daddy get a new job?"
Natalie says "Noooo (like that was a silly question) they only help kids.  They help with shapes and Bot has a TV in his tummy"
And CUT! That's a wrap people. It went right over her head but at least she knows!

Cara's turn, Carter talked to her alone.  I was just in the other room so I could hear.  She was quiet and listened. When he asked if she had questions or if something was bothering her she told a story about how a boy at school said that he did not love her.
Enter stage left - lesson on what "love" is (the 6 year old version).
I tried to bring it back around and ask her how she feels about Daddy not working. She gives me a HUGE smile and said "I like it, he comes and eats lunch with me at school"
And fade to black. These children are going to be MORE upset that he has to go back to work!!!

Me too frankly. It has been nice having him here. We have only had 2 "disagreements" in these 2 weeks.  This time, for me, is being used to prove to myself that we can handle this.  We don't have to give in to the anxiety and other crazy emotions that are swirling. Keep those feelings "real", don't distort them into something they are not.  That is hard but I am excited to face this challenge. 

We are watching a lot more TV, going grocery shopping together and eating dinner at 5:00 PM. I am pretty sure this is what retirement is like!


  1. Precious! I love, love, love you guys! No "M" words allowed. Not sure our hearts can take it, but I do want the best for you. My prayer is that God work His magic, but ultimately do what is best for you all even if it is to move you. Ok, I'm not there yet...but I'm trying:) God knows!

  2. That is hilarious. Team Umizoomi is in her room! :D I will keep you guys in my T&P.

  3. YES! You are experiencing a little glimpse into the world of retirement. Isn't it grand?! Love that you are using this time positively. Continuing to pray for THE right job for Carter and the family. Love you.

  4. Yes, my child, that is exactly what retirement is like!

    Hoping the best for your family! Your children reflect the mature manner in which their parents have handled life's lessons thus far; without wailing and tearing of clothes. A merry heart doeth good like a medicine!!!!

    God bless!