Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Books We Read This Summer (for your Winter enjoyment).

This summer I went crazy with suggestions from seasoned Moms who know this area well.  We did Open Gym, Pump It Up pop in play, free movies, Chick Fil A. These ladies know how to stay busy and have fun during the summer.  They wore me out and I had to wake up early a lot! It was definitely worth it.

My favorite had to be the Library. Something about taking your kids there makes you feel like the best mom in the WORLD!  I know I sounded smart when I told people that we had been there! (OK that is a little overboard)  I have always read to the girls but was not a big reader for myself. I just don't make time for it.

This is a list of books that we checked out this summer. I always like suggestions from other parents because it is hard to just go in and randomly check out books and have them be a hit. I only hit a few duds. Hopefully this helps guide you and can be used as suggestions for Holiday gifts!

My girls were 3 and 5 when I checked these out. Then they turned 4 and 6 so I would say these are suggestions for 
Ages 3-6:
Green - You MUST get this book 
Yellow - I Definitely Recommend
Orange - I Recommend 
Blue - It was OK

Sweet Books:

Max Lucado
The story of Eli (God) and his Wemmicks (us). Punchinello discovers that Eli does not make mistakes. He was made special to just be him. It deals with how others judge us and how we have the choice to let their words stick or to let them go. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!

Max Lucado
Wemmicks again, this time they are trying to out do each other by having the most and the best. YOU MUST READ THIS TOO!

B. G. Hennessy
 Sweet story about a girl that finds out that "happily ever after" is different for everyone.
Holly Keller
Cara wanted a book about a butterfly and the librarian picked this one. It is sweet and talks about the changes as this duck and caterpillar grow up
Anne Mazer
I liked the illustrations in this book. It was also a pretty soothing before bedtime book (if you read it that way).
Susanna Davidson
 HUGE book about ballet. We did not finish it. It is beautful and perfect for any little girl that is in dance or ballet.  I think they have a smaller version of it now.

Margaret Wild
Nice book about a piglet that accidentally hurts his Dad and goes on a search to find if he is still loved.

Anita Jeram
I think this is by the same lady that does the "Guess How Much I Love You" book. There is another one we checked out recently from her titled "All Together Now". These were Natalie's favorites. Perfect length for reading a few books at bedtime.

Robert Kraus
 Haha I thought this would be good for Natalie but being smaller than everyone else does not really seem to bother her. It never bothered me either. Well except when I am in Walmart and I can't reach something.  It's a cute book, especially if you have a kid that struggles with being behind in anything.

Funny or Cute:
Margie Palatini
My sister Angie told me I had to check this book out. It is one of my favorite books to read.  At first the kids did not share my passion for it but after I read it the 2nd time they loved it.  It is longer and more wordy than some books I have read but this one cracks me up!

Mary Jane Auch
This was a little on the longer and wordy side too. But the illustrations are HILARIOUS!  The story is very cute too. We all liked it.

Mary Quattlebaum
Ehh it was wordy and long but not in a good way. It was not my favorite.  The story did not flow for me. Maybe I should have used my Jersey accent with it....

Mo Willems
All of these Pigeon stories are great. They are low on words but high on humor and interaction.

Robert Weinstock
I like this book about a run away meatball but the girls did not quite share my feelings. It was good but not a fav here.

David Shannon
LOVE LOVE LOVE the illustrations. This book reads just like the character, a little girl.  It incorporates fairies and pretend play and my girls loved it.

Sheena Knowles
Great rhyming book. The moral of the story is that it is best to be yourself but it is a good story that the girls asked for several times while we had it.

For Learnin':
Lori Coleman
This was over my girls heads. They were too young for the specifics of soccer. I thought it was good to show them that girls do play. I will probably try it again this spring when Cara starts soccer again.

Belinda Weber
Most reference book I went for had so many big words - I could barely read them, let alone translate for the girls. They were also loooong. This book was just right. It had big words in it but they were defined at the bottom of the page.  We read a few pages each night and made it through the book in about 3 bedtimes. You could read it all at once. We did that so we could get through 3 books before bedtime without falling asleep.

Jim Arnosky
 This was a good reference book for this age range also. They loved learning about different kinds of frogs. Cara was repeating facts from this book for weeks after reading it. The pictures are great too.

Elaine Greenstein
 Cara LOVES Ice cream. I am pretty sure this is the same author as "Caps For Sale".  It goes on to tell a historical tale of the ice cream come.  We really liked it and it gave me a refresher course on pronouncing names from other countries!

Very good book. In the back it gives you a short biography of Pele.  It is a good book to get kids excited about soccer. 

DK Publishing
 This was a decent reference book. Some of it was a little over their heads. The only reason I did not give it a yellow rating is because I don't remember it that well. It must not have been a hit. Natalie was in a rabbit phase and she did like it.

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