Thursday, September 9, 2010

8 (or more) Things Your Students Parents Won't Tell You

Sort of in response to 13 Things Your Child's Teacher Won't Tell You

In no way do I want to offend any of my teacher friends. I think that article was a bit offensive to parents. This is just for fun. I feel like the relationship between my girls teachers and I is a partnership. I am only just beginning in this area of life.
This article was poorly put together and put legitimate issues in with crap. But here are some things I think (and I am sure others think)...

#1 - I know you have 25+ kids in your care. But only one of them is mine, it's my job to concentrate on that one.

#2 - I send you notes and gifts because I want you to know I appreciate you and acknowledge your work. A thank you note would be nice but even if you just mention it later that let's me know you understand what I am doing.

- Level-headed, intellectual conversation used to be a characteristic of mine. Now I have kids and I am a ball of mush, so don't assume I am a dork because I stumble in the 2 seconds I see you at the meeting.

- I may have a job so the snow days and random holidays/days off cause turmoil for me, not fun.

- If my kid burps, curses, jumps on chairs or cries uncontrollably when food is dropped on the floor. Don't assume I beat them at home or I lack manners. If you think this for more than 2 seconds, you (a) have no kids (b) have only one perfect kid or (c) I have no idea what is wrong with you. This may be the case with some kids but remember - this is from a "normal" mom.

- I wish I could be there all day to make sure that they are nice to other kids and other kids are nice to them.

- I know I should not be a freak and follow the bus to school but seriously how am I supposed to know he/she made it there?!?! I will do it until I feel better about it.

- You can train me on how to be a parent in your class BUT BE CONSISTENT. Don't tell me I can do something one day and the next day act like I am breaking a rule. I pay attention. I too want to be "well-behaved".

Feel free to add your own.....


  1. Our son's Kindergarten teacher was one of the teachers like the one in the original article. His teacher this year is completely different. I know you feel.

  2. Good job, Danielle!! And you need to blog more often. I love hearing your thoughts.